No Other Leader Has Done This…

Looking at little children, Jenga blocks, or a pig sty, it’s easy to see that disorder naturally comes more easily than order. Anyone can destroy stuff. It takes real skill to bring people and things together in a way that is more beautiful than the individuality they once had.

Think of these examples of unison:

  • A graduating military unit marching in perfect lockstep.
  • A popular author and speaker giving an inspirational speech in a massive convention hall.
  • A U.S. president looking on as two warring heads of state finally shake hands over a peace treaty.
  • A billboard marketing cheese and showing the smiling faces of five children of different nationalities.

Turning disorder into order. Bringing unity out of disunity. Rallying people around one cause. That’s the job of leaders. The leaders whose skills we admire most are often those who can bring diverse groups of people together around a common cause.

Throughout history, people have rallied around mesmerizing leaders.

But without a doubt, the redeemed followers of Jesus Christ who make up His Church are the most diverse institution on earth. No other belief system, company, or government has willing followers from such radically diverse backgrounds.

Around the throne of God in heaven, someday there will be representatives from every ethnic group exalting Christ. This speaks loudly of the amazing ability of Jesus to reconcile enemies and unify them in worship to Him.

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